Weekend Reads 6.18.11 (And a Little Motivation)

I had to share this viral video in case you’re in need of a little pep talk this weekend.  (You can also watch on YouTube here.)



Getting Organized for an Intentional Summer {Simple Mom}

Books that Inspire Children to Explore Nature {Playful Learning}

Role Play in Early Years Setting {Teach Preschool}

How to Know if Your Child’s Langauge Development is Typical* {Modern Parents Messy Kids} 

*This info as at the bottom of a great Language Learning Resource Guide.  If you’ve already read it, this portion is a new addition.  If you haven’t, it’s well worth the extra read!


Comic Strips {Paint Cut Paste}

Rock Candy Experiment{TinkerLab}

Getting Little Bodies Moving When it’s Too Cold (or Hot) Outdoors {Childhood 101}

Animal Mix Up Legos {I Can Teach My Child}

Enjoy your weekend!  (And maybe get out there for a bike ride!)



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  1. Thank you for including the Early Years article in your weekend reads:)

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