Weekend Reads 7.30.11


Young Children and Independence {Childhood 101}

(And check out this post from Counting Coconuts she links as well.)

Quiet Time with Audio Books {MPMK} & Fun and Silly Audiobooks for Kids {Let’s Explore}

Help!  My Child is Screaming on the Floor, Now What?  {Brain Insights}

4 Simple Methods for Teaching Elementary Science {Simple Homeschool}


Painting on Ice Cream {Tinker Lab}

September Calendar for Preschool Parents {Teach Preschool}

Copy Me {The Activity Mom}

Ice and Water Play: 38 Ways to Beat the Heat {Hands On As We Grow}

Have a great weekend!

Top photo by Horton Group.



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2 Responses to Weekend Reads 7.30.11

  1. Thank you for including my parent calendar. Such a sweet thing to do:)

  2. I appreciate your weekend reads, thanks for sharing.

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