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My fingers have been quite busy lately, making contributions to some other fantastic sources out there in the blogosphere.  I wanted to make sure to include you in that audience, so I thought I’d share some links and excerpts here as well.

Are You Using the Right Tools? {Motherhood…Your Way}

“Frederick Douglas once said, “It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.”

That isn’t to say that raising good kids is easy. But the work of repairing an entire childhood of broken trust, missed opportunities for guidance, and forceful coercion is much harder.”

Good to Know: Parenting with Positive Guidance Ecourse {Modern Parents Messy Kids}

“Consider these two words: Discipline and Punishment.
I’m not trying to argue over semantics here, but I would like to offer a change in perspective. To many people, the two words above carry the same meaning. But let’s think about that here.
Punishment is something that happens to someone. Discipline is something found in someone.
It’s a quality. Something that has been fostered and developed. When a person has discipline they have the inner fortitude to make right choices, to do what needs to be done.”

See-Through Seed Gardens {Organized Parents}

“As a seed germinates and grows, it’s hard for children to understand what goes on beneath that mystic cover of soil. Of course you can sprout bean seeds in a plastic bag….. but if you also want to watch the development of the seed into a plant with a root system, you might want to try this idea. “

Tips for Creating a Child-Centered Space {Simple Kids}

“It is key to remember that when it comes to a child-centered space, it is more about what it invites children to DO, than simply how it looks.
Be aware of the active elements in the area you are preparing for your children.  Think about not only what you want the space to look like, but what you envision happening there.  Prepare the space to visually invite children to that activity.”

As a reminder to those of you getting ready for the Parenting with Positive Guidance Ecourse, classes start on April 4th!  So get ready, get excited, and get registered!  (Remember to use your TEAM discount and save $25.)

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