Weekend Reads 4.28.12

Articles & Presentations:

Raising an Emotionally Intelligent Child {Webinar with John Gottman via Talaris Insitiute}

Super Mom Debunked {Toddler Approved}

Media and Children {Dimitri Christakis via TED}  (Fascinating!)



50 Activities Just for Your Toddler {Hands On : As We Grow}

Hosting an Outside Art Group {Simple Kids}

Using Props to Sing with Children {Childhood 101}

Alphabet Stomp {Chasing Cheerios}


Check out Playful Learning’s new home, where Mariah Bruehl has put together an amazing collection of resources!  You just have to take a visit!

Enjoy your weekend!



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  1. Thanks for including my post! :)

  2. Hi Amanda – Thank you so much for the mention… I love perusing your recommendations!

  3. Look at those cute little toes :-)

    Thanks for including Simple Kids!

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