Weekend Reads 6.29.13


I discovered this little covert surveillance going on in my kitchen the other day.  Just another reminder that I must live in a house full of boys!


What Makes Some Children More Resilient? {Alison Gopnik for WSJ} *Note: That is strange.  I actually hit the link to the article the first time I saw it, and it offered a subscription.  Then I opened a new window, Googled the article title, and it opened right up.  I don’t have a subscription, but was able to read it. But I tried using that same link again, and I get the subscription message again.  Try pumping the title into your search engine and see if you can read it that way. 

Sitting is the New Smoking {Richard Louv}

Am I Passing My Body Shame on to My Girls? {Betsy Shaw for Baby Center}

7 Stress Busters for Kids {Dr. Michele Borba}


40 Ways Kids Can Volunteer, Toddler to Teen {Laura Grace Weldon}

Neighborhood Under Construction in Preschool {Teach Preschool}

30 Activities for Two Year Olds {Kids Activities Blog}

4th of July Sifted Flour Stars {Pink and Green Mama}

You Can Also Find Me:

Camping Out in the Back Yard {The Organized Parent}

Enjoy Your Weekend!


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