Weekend Reads 11.23.13 — Thanksgiving Edition!


Are you looking forward to counting your blessings and gathering together with family?  This weekend’s round-up has a Thanksgiving theme to help you on your way!



The Busy Mom’s Guide to Gratitude + 10 Things Mom is Grateful For {Moments a Day}

“Mothering children under five is not just what you see on Facebook.  It is not only the smiles, the hugs, the proud parental moments, the family dinners, and the outings to fun (and seemingly tantrum-free) locations.

It is also all the work and sweat behind the scenes – the times that no one ever takes photos.  The tears, the exhaustion, the frustration, the rising feeling that you are losing your sanity, the sweet release of stress after a 7pm bedtime, and of course the moments of humor and thankfulness woven in between.

As a dear friend told me the other day, it’s like the crazy is the norm.”

Monday Mission: Let Something Go {Simple Kids}

“It is a common feeling this time of year:  even those who look forward to the holidays usually also have something about the season that they are dreading, a feeling of busyness and obligation that is hard to shake.”  So this year?  Choose one thing and just let it go!

10 Things to Do With Your Family on Black Friday (Besides Shopping) {Alicia Bayer}

This year, instead of spending the day with crowds and accumulating more debt, how about spending it with family and accumulating some great memories?”

First Friday Q&A: How Do You Teach Gratitude? {NJC}

How do we teach kids gratitude?  I had a reader send in a scenario this summer (I’m sure it’s one we can all relate to) and asked about instilling kids with gratitude.  It’s a topic we need to examine all year long!


Fun Fine Motor Turkey Math Game {Pre-K Pages}

Such a clever, but simple way to combine counting and fine motor skills!  The kids w

Thankful Hand Print Turkeys {NJC for the Organized Parent}

This is a small twist on the classic hand-print turkey.  It’s a treasure I love to look back at each year!

Thanksgiving Garland {The Mother Huddle}

I confess, I have a thing for garlands.  This one is beautiful and simple, and perfect for a child to make with just a little help from you.  You’ll particularly want to check this out if you have a young sewing fan!

Tippy Teepee Game {Spoonful}

A little bit like Jenga, a little bit like Pick Up Sticks, this simple game looks like a winner for the kids’ table!

Enjoy your weekend!



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  2. What a lovely collection! Thanks for including my posts :-) I love your blog! x

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