Weekend Reads 1.17.14



What is Language? {Twodaloo}

This is the beginning post for a series on language development from an accomplished Speech Language Pathologist.  What a fantastic resource!  I know I’ll be keeping tabs on this one!

“Language and speech are not the same!  When I see a child for a communication evaluation, the first thing I have to determine is whether they are experiencing difficulty with speech, language, or both.”

7 New Ways to Navigate Defiance from Your Child {Huffington Post}

“I know it’s hard — really, really hard — to keep yourself regulated, calm and in a state of mind from which you can respond (instead of react) when things are fast spinning out of control. Remember that your children are learning how to handle themselves by watching you.”

Why Boys Need a Boyhood to Become Good Men {Essential Kids}

“We need to seriously consider giving boys back their boyhoods and opportunities for authentic growth in the company of good men, or we are going to continue seeing more and more ‘coward-hitting’ warriors wreaking havoc in our communities.”

6 Ways to Encourage Creativity in Your Kids {The Art of Simple}

“Had you told me a year ago that my kids would sit down and create art quietly on their own accord for hours at a time (much less first thing in the morning with zero TV time), I would have laughed in your face.  Surely you hadn’t met my loud, rambunctious crew.”


Upcycled Building Kit for Kids {MPMK}

Got kids who like to tinker?  Got a recycling bin?  Put the two together for some awesome, ingenuity-building fun! (With  printable idea cards to get projects started!)

No Cook Playdough {Kids Activities Blog}

Ready for the softest, simplest playdough ever?  This is a fantastic recipe!  Keep the ingredients stashed in your cupboard and pull them out to mix together with your kiddos.  Perfect for a planned activity, a fall-back activity, or a creative gift idea!

Heart Garland for Valentine’s Day {Hands On As We Grow}

This activity is perfect for working on scissor skills and fine motor skills in general.  PLUS, you end up with a darling, simple Valentine decoration your kids will be proud to say they made!

Enjoy Your Weekend!


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  1. Thank you so much for including us in your weekend reads! This may be the never-ending series- I have SO MUCH I want to write about! Have a great weekend- off to check out your other recommendations!

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