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After writing the well-received ebook, Parenting with Positive Guidance: Tools for Building Discipline from the Inside Out as well as creating its corresponding ecourse, I realized that while these comprehensive products had brought new insight and change in many families there were some who needed information they could get through more quickly.

After years of sharing the concepts of positive guidance, in writing and in person, I put together this concise, high-impact guide to positive parenting.  This 39 page ebook contains an overview of four basic principles of positive parenting as well as a variety of real-world examples of how they may be put into practice.

These principles are based on sound child development theories and research and provide best practices that can be applied in a variety of homes within different family dynamics.  With these principles you can build strong, healthy family relationships, enhance your own patience, effectively guide positive behavior, and increase your child’s self-control.

Those already familiar with my earlier ebook and ecourse will find a few new perspectives here,  but will likely find it most valuable as a quick review or as an easily digestible overview to recommend to family members or caregivers with whom they’d like to share the philosophy of positive child guidance.


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  9. Crystal Begay

    Hello, My name is Crystal Begay,29yo… I guess …I would like to tell you that I recently took my husbands niece under my wing. Cause her mother recently passed away… I have three younger girls two are identical twins… Elaina is 4 ,my twins are 15 months my niece is 13. Her name is bobbie .I m having trouble with her.She likes to argue with me start arguments between me and her uncle “my Husband” … my husband cant help but love her to death it makes it difficult for him to stand with me … Cause she looks like her mother and it hurts him to set any type of boundaries for her … I am afraid that he might start to get physical with me ..Because it seem like he has to choose between me and bobbie …. I am so afraid that my younger daughters might learn from her…….ANY advice? thanks for hearing me out GOD BLESS U….

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  11. Jill

    I just order your positive parenting, basics… I am really excited to have a great resources to share with families!

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