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Driving Home Connections with Hands Free Mama

I am Mom to four boys. As you might expect, that can get loud, busy, and plenty messy too.  Within the span of just a few minutes I may be called on to multitask the jobs of holding a crying … Continue reading



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Hot Topic: Teaching Kids to Talk Back

My husband is the oldest of eight. Eight. I don’t know how his parents even survived that, let alone how they turned out eight amazing kids, but you’d better believe they expected their kids to pitch in to a reasonable … Continue reading



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My Magic Words

If you haven’t heard of Signing Time, you should check it out.  It has an inspiring background story, and the research behind preverbal signing in hearing children can be quite compelling.  Though they are oblivious to all of that, my boys … Continue reading


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Valentines, Friends, and Communication

Ahh, February!  The kiddos have just gotten over the withdrawal symptoms caused by the sudden drop in blood sugar levels after Christmas, so of course it’s the perfect time for another confectionary holiday!  Now, I’m a middle of the roader when … Continue reading



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