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Nothing in my 15 years of experience studying and working with children compares to the challenges I’ve faced as a parent.  And yet, nothing has been so rewarding.

I believe that there is no more important work than that which we do within the walls of our own homes.

That’s why I wanted to take the philosophies and tools I’ve worked to share with teachers and childcare providers and share them with parents as well.  It made sense to me that if professionals working with children had regular training on the principles and practices of positive child guidance — information that made their work easier and more effective — parents should too.

After writing the ebook  Parenting with Positive Guidance: Building Discipline from the Inside Out, I found that many people were wanting more.  I spent months taking the information in the book, adding new information and insights and packaging it all together into a class experience that could be accessed by parents all over the world.

There’s nothing magical about this course.  There are no gimmicks or short-term ploys.  Just solid information and respected techniques.  The ebook and course are grounded in research and best-practice that will allow you to build stronger relationships within your family while also building more internal discipline in your child.  You’ll learn about philosophy, practices, and tools that you can implement in your home immediately.

Looking for toolstopics

  • Why many popular parenting tools just don’t work. (And what does!)
  • The keys to finding what’s behind the behavior challenges you’re facing right now.
  • How to be a positive parent without being a passive parent.
  • A variety of parenting tools for a variety of behavior challenges.
  • Guidance vs. Punishment
  • The important connection between the parent-child relationship and behavior.
  • Strengthening family identity and family relationships.


Included in Registration

  • Four Weekly Video Sessions.  Each session contains about one hour of video broken into 15-20 minute segments so you can watch it all at once or throughout the week.  Along with the videos, find links, printables, and discussion forums to maximize your learning experience.
  • Free Ebook, Patience for ParentsAn exclusive ebook for this course! Includes tips and secrets for increasing your patience and keeping your sanity!
  • A Year of Positive Parenting Reminders.  Every other week, get simple reminders in your inbox, giving you extra tools, perspectives, and challenges to help you focus, gather encouragement, strengthen relationships, and hone your parenting skills.
  • Lifetime Access.  Your registration gives you access for the life of the course.  As long as it’s available online, you’ll have access.  Return to review, get inspired, or check out new bonus materials.Testimonials Edit



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Questions? Please email me at amanda@notjustcute.com

More questions?  Check out the FAQ page here.

Find out more about Parenting with Positive Guidance here.


65 Responses to E Course – Positive Guidance

  1. Stacy

    Amanda, I tried to email you directly but it said the email address was wrong?

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  4. Kim

    I signed up for the course this past Monday and am just now realizing that all of my emails from paypal are being sent to an old email address I can no longer get into! What info besides my email address (which is motheroftwins09@gmail.com) do i need to provide for you so I can get all my info on the course?

    Thanks and sorry about that!

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  8. Amie

    Hi Amanda,

    I am interested in purchasing the ecourse. I tried to use the TEAM discount code, but it said it was expired. Also, can you tell me how the ecourse is better or different than just reading your ebook? I also tried to email and it did not work.

    Thanks so much,

    Amie Simmons

  9. Tina Gorman

    would be interested in the next course

  10. Dagne

    Would be interested in the next course

  11. Meaghan

    Reading your book now, please let me know when the next class will be. Thanks.

  12. Lauren

    I’d also be interested to hear about the next course.

  13. Malerie

    I would love to know when the next course is available.

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  15. Kristin

    I would be interested in the next course!

  16. vickers

    Would be interested in next course

  17. LJ

    I would be interested in the next course as well please!

  18. Rosie

    Would be interested in the next course!

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  20. Heather

    I am interested in taking the next course with my hubby. I realize registration isn’t too far away, I just don’t want to forget :)

  21. Debs

    Grandparent of a 4 y/o (Is he too old for me to take this course?)

    thanks, Debs

    • notjustcute

      4 years old is perfect, Debs. The principles apply across all ages, but the focus and application examples are particularly focused on young children in that preschool-8 range.

  22. Sarah

    Interested in the next course…

  23. Nanci Guartofierro

    Interested in next course!

    Also want to subscribe for when there are new blog posts but when I click in the space to put my email it takes me to another part of the website and doesn’t allow me to sign up. How can I do this? Thank you!

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  25. Kirstie

    Hi Amanda,
    Do you also have the Patience for Parenting eBook available for purchase? I know that this is the key for me. I do a lot of reading and know the parent I want to be (and can be) if only my fuse wasn’t quite so short. My son is only two and I can already see how my behaviour impacts him, and it breaks my heart.
    I’m sure I’d love all of your books, but right now, I need some guidance to help me take that deep breath and refocus.
    Thanks again for your inspirational reflections.

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  33. Wow, it is very interesting. Great job Amanda.

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  42. belinda

    Hi Amanda

    I am really interested in doing the course. I tried emailing but keep getting failure notices. I assume that since registration is still open its not too late to start
    I just have two queries
    1 I assume front he team discount if we r wanting to do it as a couple we both register rather than just sharing 1 registration?
    2 are the videos sent to us son we can rewatch them later or do we just watch them from your site and can never access them again?

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  50. Shari Childress

    I recently registered for your ecourse. I have no problems downloading the file but unfortunately it won’t open. I am unable to read anything. I am trying to do all this from my android phone. I even have Adobe installed. I’ve never had issues downloading or reading off files before. Any suggestions?

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