Weekend Reads 5.21.11


Keeping Calm When You Want to Explode {The Twin Coach}

Fast-Tracking to Kindergarten? {New York Times}

Raising Boys Who Want to Read {No Time For Flashcards}

(And be sure to read the article¬†Allison links to: Boys Don’t Read Except When They Do)


Daddy Camp: Make Your Own Gummy Candy {Pink and Green Mama}

Dry Ice Experiment {Tinker Lab}

Bug Books {Mommy and Me Book Club}

Have a Great Weekend!

Top photo by frank8.



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4 Responses to Weekend Reads 5.21.11

  1. Thank you for sharing our activity! It was ridiculously fun. You always have the best round-ups, and I look forward to checking out the other links!

    • notjustcute

      Thanks, Rachelle! I can’t wait to try your experiment. I was just putting it into our combinations and reactions unit. Too much fun!

  2. Just discovered you – what a wealth of knowledge and insights. I have two very active boys – including one with special needs – and will surely be spending a lot of time here. :) Thanks!

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