Weekend Reads 2.4.12


Flash Cards or Finger Paint: Should Academics or Play Be The Goal of Preschool?  {Imagination Soup}

Mom’s Love Good for Child’s Brain {Science Daily} (- Hat tip to Janet Lansbury, once again!)

Words Will Never Hurt Me ?! {Simple Mom}

What’s Wrong with the Teenage Mind? {Alison Gopnik for WSJ}


Finding Cupid: Free Valentine’s Day eBook and Printables {Life…Your Way}

Recycled Cereal Box Valentine Baskets {Pink and Green Mama}

Tutorial: Magic Paint Board {Fo’ Reals Mom}

Making A-maze-ing Marble Mazes for Preschool {Teach Preschool}

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Thank you for including me on your weekend!!

  2. Thanks for linking to the preschool post! :)

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