Look Ma, I Can Sew! :: 4 Simple DIY Baby Projects

My mom is an amazing seamstress.  I wish I could say I had half her sewing knowledge.  While I certainly don’t aspire to the amazing creations she’s produced, she did instill in me a DIY attitude, and I have learned to sew a somewhat straight line.  Luckily, that’s about all that was required for me to put together four baby projects I needed when our new little guy was born this spring.  One of which was this great sling pictured above.  (Kudos to my seven year-old for snapping this picture at the park!) This sling has not only given me the free hands I’ve desperately needed with four little boys around, but it is often the only way to soothe my sweet boy when he hits that fussy time of the day.

Today I’m sharing this and three other simple DIY baby projects with the readers of Simple Kids.  Head on over to  Simple Kids to get the inside scoop on my sewing adventures (and sneak a peak or two at my adorable boy)!



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  1. My mother was a talented seamstress too. She used to make all of my dresses. But alas I never inherited her talent (or was too lazy to follow in her footsteps most likely). I don’t think I can even manage a sling such as yours.

    • notjustcute

      It is ironic. I tell people that all I know about sewing I owe to my mom…but all I don’t know about sewing, I also owe to my mom. She is so good that often it just makes more sense to simply hand the project over to her and save about 10 hours of me muddling through! :0)

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