Weekend Reads 9.22.12

I’m so excited to share my friend’s new blog for Parents Magazine!  Bekka Besich is a childhood friend of mine who is a delight to be around and a hoot to read.  She’s writing all about her experiences expecting baby #2 in her blog, Great Expectations.  Her tongue-in-cheek, ruthlessly honest, and “endearingly imperfect” stories will make you laugh till you cry.  (And because I’ve been reading her personal blog as well, I know there are times she’ll  make you just plain old cry.  This one still gets me every time.) Check out her blog and become a fan of hers on Facebook!


Birthday Challenge: 35 Acts of Kindness.  One Day.  {Inner Child Fun}

How to Volunteer…Helping Your Kid’s Teacher {A Mom with a Lesson Plan}

Two gems from Janet Lansbury (I told you you should be following her, right?)–

Early Education: Are We Doing It Wrong?  {Babble}

Letting Children Share in Grief {NYT}

“Anyone old enough to love is old enough to grieve.”


My Little Dress Up Book {Playful Learning}

15 Fine Motor Activities for Kids {No Time for Flash Cards}

9 Ways to Encourage Indoor Kids to Play Outside {Childhood 101}

My Spin and Spell {Michelle’s Charm World}

Enjoy the Weekend!



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  1. Awesome list!!! Thanks for including me. :)

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  3. Yes, I do follow Janet Lansbury, and grateful for the reminders.

  4. I needed that article on grief, thank you.

  5. Thanks for the shout out. You really are the best.

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