Weekend Reads 9.29.12

Aren’t these Olliblocks awesome?  Find out how to make them yourself in the link below!


These Are the Days {Simple Kids}

Biting, Hitting, Kicking, and Other Challenging Toddler Behaviors {Janet Lansbury}

Battling the Nature Deficit with Nature Play: An Interview with Richard Louv and Cheryl Charles {American Journal of Play}

Education is Only Half About Being Right – The Rest is About Being Wrong {The Genius in Children – Rick Ackerly}

(Don’t miss Brene Brown’s video at the end of Rick’s post!)



Olliblocks (Pictured Above) {Ollibird}

Roller Pin Painting in Preschool {Teach Preschool}

Easy Name Puzzle {Happy Hooligans}

Letter Monster Craft for Kids {No Time for Flashcards}

Enjoy the weekend!



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2 Responses to Weekend Reads 9.29.12

  1. Woot! Thank you, Amanda, for including my post with these enriching articles. Again, I am honored, and SO grateful to be “working” with you. Here’s to many more years of sharing, learning, and admiration for all you do!

  2. I am always so super excited to find one of my posts on your weekend reads! Thank you so much!

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