Weekend Reads 2.23.13

Enough with the snow already.  Has spring come yet where you are?


13 Ways to Raise Kids Who Aren’t Entitled {A-Ha Parenting}

Articulation Development: What’s Normal (And What Isn’t) {Playing With Words 365}

It’s All About Relationships {Let the Children Play}

Setting Limits that No One Can Refuse {Abundant Life Children}


Make Math Drills Fun {No Time For Flash Cards}

Homemade Easy Low-Cost Light Table {Tinker Lab}

6 Ways to Learn and Play with Colors {Toddler Approved}

7 Unique Painting Tools for Kids {Make and Takes}


Other Places You’ll Find Me Writing

Parenting with Positive Guidance {Tinker Lab}


Enjoy Your Weekend!



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3 Responses to Weekend Reads 2.23.13

  1. I cant wait the Spring…

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  3. Thank you so much for including my article on your list! An honor. I’m grateful to you for putting this list together every week – I often find article I’d missed! Anyway, thanks! Emilyi

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