Weekend Reads 4.14.13


What If Everybody Understood Child Development?  {Rae Pica}

Understanding Your Child’s Love Language {Lasso the Moon}

Simple Home, Simple Life? {Simple Mom}

What 4 Decades of Marriage Taught a Grateful Husband {The Atlantic}


Medical Pretend Play {Carrots Are Orange} (This would be another great Prop Box idea!)

Stained Glass Quilt Art Project for Kids {Imagination Tree}

Building and Creating with Curves:: An Easy Kids’ Sculpture Activity with Cardboard Tubes {The Artful Parent}

Operation Secret Smiles in Action: A Service Birthday Party {Pennies of Time}


And don’t miss out on the Spring Learning Through Play Bundle!  Get over $130 of fantastic resources for only $9.99!  That’s equal to the price of just one of the items if sold separately.  The sale ends today, so don’t delay!

Enjoy your weekend!



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5 Responses to Weekend Reads 4.14.13

  1. Reading the article by Rae Pica actually hurts. I know its all over the place but, I can’t stand reading about so many people who ruin kids because they just don’t understand where they are at developmentally.

  2. Thanks for the linking to the Operation Secret Smiles birthday party! It was months ago and we still talk about it. I have enjoyed getting to know your work here and I am very appreciative of the insight and philosophy. Eager to dive in and learn more!

    • notjustcute

      I loved it, Sheila! What a fun idea! I’m hoping to do something similar with my boys soon as a summer activity!

  3. Tina

    LOVE the Rae Pica article though I must agree with Faigie that it hurts. So far every elementary school I’ve looked at for my kids has a 20 minute lunch. Not enough food or social time combined with not enough recess makes for quite a brutal environment for children.

    • notjustcute

      This is one of my soapbox issues. Drives me nuts to see a complete disregard – or perhaps ignorance is a better word – for child development in areas where it should not be so. Maddening. Rae Pica did an excellent job with this article. Spread it far and wide!

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