Book Activity: Snowmen At Night

Snowmen at Night by Caralyn and Mark Buehner, is a wonderful tale about the adventures snowmen get themselves into when they come to life at night.  It’s all in an attempt to explain why snowmen don’t always look the same the day after they’re built; a little hunched over, a bit more ragged.  The illustrations are detailed and fantastic, and even contain some hidden pictures that kids love to find!  The storyline is just as enjoyable with rhyming text that aids in building phonological awareness.

After reading this story, play a game of Snowmen at Night.  Have the children pretend to be snowmen.  You could even pretend to build them and place their arms “just right”.  Remind them to stay frozen.  When you turn around and pretend to sleep, the children come alive like the snowmen at night, wiggling, making faces, and dancing in place.  When you turn around and face the children again, they must freeze in place.  Say aloud to yourself, “My snowmen don’t look the way I left them!”  Feign surprise and bewilderment as you turn around again and continue the game.  The more you play into the character, the more the children will as well!

This activity builds language and literacy skills as you share the story with the children.  The snowman game also builds physical skills as the children start and stop physical movement suddenly on a signal.  Combine this activity with other snowmen activities, such as the craft, Paper Plate Snowmen, or the fingerplay, Five Little Snowmen.

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