Sowing the Seeds of Reading – Book List

What unit would be complete without great books to incorporate?Just Readin' (2)

Ok, first of all, a few that are old standards, not in any specific book.  I always try to brainstorm nursery rhymes and fairy tales as I do my book list.  These are all too often disregarded in favor of the newest and freshest.  We need to remember however, that these are new to most young children and necessary for a foundation for future literacy.  Think of it as the Shakespeare and Homer for preschoolers.  Here are two that come to mind on the topic of seeds:  Mary Mary Quite Contrary, of course; and Jack and the Beanstalk.  Any others you would add?

Now, back to the books.

Here are some of my favorite books to use while teaching about seeds–

A Fruit Is a Suitcase for Seeds , by Jean Richards


The Carrot Seed  by Ruth Krauss  (Activity here.)

The Carrot Seed 60th Anniversary Edition


The Tiny Seed , by Eric Carle

The Tiny Seed (World of Eric Carle)

One Little Seed , by Elaine Greenstein (I used this one as a book activity when planting sunflower seeds in planter cups for them to take home!  Click here for the sunflower planting take-home sheet.)

One LIttle Seed (Booklist Editor's Choice. Books for Youth (Awards))


Ten Seeds, by Ruth Brown

Grow Flower, Grow! (Originally titled: Fran’s Flower ), by Lisa Bruce

Grow Flower, Grow! (Originally titled: Fran's Flower )


The Empty Pot, by Demi (activity here.)


The Empty Pot (An Owlet Book)

Pumpkin Pumpkin, by Jeanne Titherington

Pumpkin Pumpkin


Planting a Rainbow, by Lois Ehlert


Zinnia’s Flower Garden, by Monica Wellington

(As a note, Zinnia’s are great to grow from seed.  You may want to plant some as an activity after this book!)

Zinnia's Flower Garden

These are just a few I’ve used in the past.  I’m quite certain there are many more.  What books would you recommend?



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  2. Great list of books! This will make a great display at the library where I work.

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