Tortilla Snowflakes!

Here’s a simple way to take a common snack and make it a little more special on a wintry day.  Using a pastry brush,  cover a warm tortilla with melted butter.  Lay a paper or foam snowflake on the tortilla and sprinkle well with cinnamon sugar.  Remove the snowflake, and “ta-da”!  You have a tortilla snowflake! 

Children can do their own “cooking” with this simple recipe.  Write it out in simple steps using words and pictures for a great literacy connection

In just a few simple steps, snack time goes from the usual to unique!  Enjoy it on a winter’s day with some warm apple cider!

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  1. that is way too cute! i wanna make one for myself! ( :

  2. Elizabeth

    I’m glad you posted this! Charlie’s been asking for these since you made them in school.

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