Weekend Reads 12.17.11



Communication or Miscommunication?{Little Hearts via Janet Lansbury}

Kids Need Adventure, Parents Need to Teach Them How  {The Family Adventure Project}

Six Tools for Building a Child’s Confidence {Tinker Lab}

What’s Behind a Temper Tantrum?  Scientists Deconstruct the Screams {NPR}

When Parenting Meands Steering into the Skid {Simple Mom}


We Made a Gingerbread Man in Preschool {Teach Preschool}

Building Block Literacy {Small Types}

SNOW! {The Elementary Art Room via Hands On as We Grow}

Snowflakes(Growing Crystals!)  {Mom in Madison via Pinterest}

Enjoy the Weekend!

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  1. Thanks for the link. Great selection of reads. :-) Nice to discover your site.

  2. Thank you so very much for sharing:) You always make me smile and feel quite special!

  3. Thanks for featuring our post on your great list! What a nice surprise!

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