Fun Activities for the Fourth!

My boys have been looking forward to the Fourth of July since…well, the last Fourth of July!  They love the excitement of the fireworks displays, and I love any summer day we can spend together!  If you’re looking for some fun and simple ways to make your celebration memorable, here are a few ideas!  (Read more about The Power of the Memorable Scene .)

Brew Your Own Root Beer

I know that as a child I attended plenty of picnics, barbecues, and other summer gatherings.  I’m sure I enjoyed them thoroughly, but of all the hundreds of things that were served at those get-togethers, I only remember one:  Homemade Root Beer.  I remember on more than one occasion, hovering around with other children as the grown-ups readied this special brew.  A few simple ingredients and a whole lot of “smoke” later and we were sipping on one of summer’s ideal drinks.  It was almost like magic!

Today, homemade root beer is a sure sign of a special occasion at our house!  The magic (and the science) is in the dry ice.  Find out how to brew your own delicious batch at this post for The Organized Parent.

Fire-Free Fireworks

Out here in our neck of the woods, wildfires are all too common.  In fact, many areas and even some whole towns have had to ban fireworks all together.  Whether you’re looking out for wildfire dangers or wanting a way to safely involve little hands in the festivities, film canister rockets are the way to go!  This simple science activity has been a highlight of the Fourth of July action many years at our house.  Sometimes out-performing our actual store-bought fireworks!  We even found a way to use them to create a colorful display!  Find out how here!

You could have even more fire-free fun — and create great art — with the Love Bomb idea from No Time for Flashcards.  Try different shapes like stars or name initials for your creation!

Festive Treats

I love this simple idea from Room to Inspire for making licorice even more fun and festive!  Find this idea plus more inspiration for treats and activities by checking out my Summer Days Pinterest Board!

What are you doing to make the Fourth of July memorable?

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