Weekend Reads 8.11.12

Free Printable: A Recipe for Learning (Above) {Childhood 101}


HANGING back and allowing children to make mistakes is one of the greatest challenges of parenting…. If you can’t stand to see your child unhappy, you are in the wrong business.”  Read it all:

Raising Successful Children {NY Times}

Other great reads:

What Americans Don’t Get About the Brain’s Critical Period {Last Word on Nothing} (Thank you to Lisa Sunbury for sharing this fantastic piece!)

A Simple Weekly Rhythm with Kids {Simple Kids}

Listen to Me!  {Zella Said Purple}


Olympians in Gumboots {Moving Smart}

Playing with Paint {Kids Activity Blog}

Everyday Math in Preschool {Teach Preschool}

Our Two Favorite Watercolor Techniques Combined {The Artful Parent}

For a great Back-to-School photo op, check out these free printables from I Can Teach My Child!

Enjoy your weekend!



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4 Responses to Weekend Reads 8.11.12

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  2. Thanks for featuring us this weekend! Happy Olympics, everyone!

  3. Maya Eigenmann

    Hi Amanda. How do you manage to read so many articles? How much do you read every day?

    • notjustcute

      It depends on the day, really. Some days I read a few, other days I’m lucky just to check my email. Often, if I see an article that looks interesting, but I don’t have time for it, I’ll bookmark it and then I get to read it during my Weekend Reads writing block. So I guess as much as Weekend Reads seems like a selfless way to share info, it’s a little selfish in giving myself a deadline to read all those posts that have intrigued me!

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