Friday Q&A: Dealing with Sibling Aggression

Here’s proof that it really does tickle your ears when someone talks about you.  Right about the time I mention my 5 month old, you can hear him crying in the monitor, waking from his nap just as I wrap up the video!

{This video can also be viewed on YouTube.}

A participant in the Parenting with Positive Guidance Ecourse wrote in asking about how to help her three year-old who is behaving aggressively (hitting, kicking, stepping on) towards his 8 month-old baby sister.  Here are some tips and resources on the topic.  What advice could you add?

Video Summary:

  • Observe to find the real cause.
  • Watch for needs for attention (from parents or from the baby) or power
  • Play alongside to model, give attention, intervene, and redirect.


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The Sibling Relationship: Challenging But Powerful {Simple Kids}

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9 Responses to Friday Q&A: Dealing with Sibling Aggression

  1. And while you’re on the subject…. my daughter gets so frustrated when I tell her she’s not allowed something, or not allowed to do something, that she wants to bite. She’s aware that if she bits she gets a paddle on the bottom, so she doesn’t bite, she just opens her mouth really wide and rubs her teeth on you… which I try not to laugh at. How do I help her display her frustrations in a less… physical way. I have no problem with her being frustrated, but I don’t want her acting out on it.

  2. Mel

    Thanks for the great ideas!

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  5. Cyndi

    Came here to check out the advice since we are due with our 2.5 year old’s little brother in December. Thanks for the tips!
    Also, wow you look like Jennifer Garner, lol!!

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