Weekend Reads 11.10.12

We haven’t hit Thanksgiving yet, but it’s already looking like winter around here this weekend!


Aggression, the Prequel: Preventing the Need {Dan Gartrell, NAEYC}

Your Child’s Speech and Language: 3 Years to 4 Years {Playing with Words 365}

Signs of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in Kids {Dr. Michele Borba}

Strategies to Use When Reading with a Child {In Lieu of Preschool}  (Don’t feel like you need to use them ALL every time.  Great resource!)


Thanksgiving Bucket List {Modern Parent Messy Kids}

Simple Projects for Exploring Your Family Tree with Your Kids {Simple Kids}

Gratitude Activities {Inspiration Laboratories}

Fantastic Foil Fold-Over Paintings {Teach Preschool}


And don’t miss out on this great offer: 

Help the makers of this awesome new toy come up with its name, and win your own set in time for Christmas!

Name This Toy Contest {Creative with Kids}


Enjoy the weekend!




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5 Responses to Weekend Reads 11.10.12

  1. Thank you for including our foil fold-overs:) This was simple and super fun!

  2. Amanda, Thanks so much for including my speech and language series segment today! Hope your readers enjoy!

  3. Aggression, the Prequel is a great article and a must read for all teachers (and parents).
    The key was Rene giving him the choice of breakfast or a cuddle–the acceptance of Harrison as he was.
    NB: contrary to popular opinion “understanding” what home was like was unimportant. Harrison’s behavior is sufficient to tip us of that SOMEthing is amiss at home–what it is doesn’t really matter, and having Betty say what it is, isn’t all that valuable since “Do you want breakfast or a cuddle this morning?” is the right approach to Harrison regardless of what is said. (What Betty said wasn’t even the whole story, anyway.)
    Diagnosis is overrated. Being free enough to come up with a creative response is key.

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