Weekend Reads 2.16.13

Oh boy, time is moving too quickly!  That little boy there is now eight!


I Think I Know Why You’re Yelling {Janet Lansbury}

Take Care of Yourself — Kindness Challenge {Creative With Kids}

More Than I Love You {Hands Free Mama}

Five Things to Know About Early Childhood Brain Development {State of Opportunity}


Incorporating Numbers into Everyday Life {Childhood 101}

5 DIY Manipulatives for Preschool and Kindergarten {Train Up a Child}

Tie Dye with Markers {A Mom with a Lesson Plan}

Low Cost Stamps Made From Cosmetic Wedges {Tinker Lab}

Other Places I’ve Been Writing this Week:

Gifts of Love to Give All Year {Simple Kids}

Dealing with Attitude {Childhood 101}


Coming Up:

Next week I’ll be featuring the second part of the Building Strong Boys series and it’s a deep one:  The Meaning of Manhood.  I’ve been reading some really fascinating research about the transition from little boys to grown men and what some of the key components are for making that a healthy transition.  I can’t wait to share with you!

We also have Part 1 of the read along series coming up, featureing Last Child in the Woods by Richard Louv.  If you haven’t picked up your copy yet, you can pick it up from my affiliate link at Amazon here!

Enjoy your weekend!



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4 Responses to Weekend Reads 2.16.13

  1. You always find the best things :-)

    Happy weekending!

    • notjustcute

      I think that’s because I follow all the best people! Enjoy your weekend as well! (We finally have sunshine here, so I think I’m well on my way! :0)

  2. Maria

    Thank you for sharing! Great articles.

  3. I read Janet’s post about yelling, too, and it resonated so much with me. I hope I can bear it in mind (and read it again and again) when my daughter is old enough to really challenge me.

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