Weekend Reads 4.6.13

This gives a whole new meaning to the term self-awareness!


Children Should Be Allowed to Get Bored, Expert Says {BBC}

Is My Child Autistic?  Missed Milestones that Matter {The Mother Co.}

Where Ideas Come From {Starlighting Mama}

10 Motherhood Secrets {Finding Joy}


Bottle Rocket {Science Sparks}

Embellished Playdough Animals {No Time for Flash Cards}

Shape Flower Garden {Toddler Approved}

Dissect a Bean Seed {Buggy and Buddy}

Enjoy the weekend!



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3 Responses to Weekend Reads 4.6.13

  1. Thanks for including our shape garden under your list :)
    Loved the article about kids being allowed to get bored.

  2. Thanks for featuring our bottle rocket.

  3. The article “Children Should Be Allowed to Get Bored” was a great read for me. I often wonder how seemingly constant exposure to tech toys/smart phones/etc is affecting children (and adults, for that matter). It seems like like an easy connection that the distractions caused by these things would make entering a creative mindset challenging. Thanks for sharing.

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