All About My Dad: A Fun Questionnaire for Father’s Day

All about Dad

Father’s Day is Sunday.  Are you ready?  My boys and I picked up my husband’s present yesterday afternoon and before dinner they had each dropped enough hints that we finally decided to enjoy the gift giving portion of the holiday a little early!

Of course we’ll still do a few simple things to make the day special (it wouldn’t be Father’s Day here without some bottled root beer), and I wanted to share one of those simple things with you!

Back on Mother’s Day, my boys filled out a little questionnaire about me…..and the results were hilarious!  Perhaps my favorite: “Before my mom had kids she….was cool,” wrote my son.  Weren’t we all?

I thought a similar questionnaire about Dad was in order.  So I put together a few questions I thought would bring both some funny answers (notice I had to include the “before kids” question) along with some poignant ones as well.

Make it even more precious by letting kids write their answers themselves if they are able, or write exactly as your pre-writers dictate to you.  Not only does this keep their true voice, but it also gives them valuable literacy experience connecting the spoken word to the written word.


Dad Questionaire Color

Find the All About My Dad PDF here.  (Note: The PDF contains both a black and white and color version.  If you have a preference, select that page number before you print.)

Start Father’s Day off right by surprising Dad with some of his favorite treats or breakfast in bed and a few of these completed thoughts, right from the mouths of babes.

For more Father’s Day fun, find a list for 45 simple ways for kids to show Dad how much they love him {from No Time for Flash Cards} as well as a list of 25 ways for Dad to connect with the kids {from Kids Activities Blog}.



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  3. We did something slightly similar as the first step in letting the kids make handmade Father’s Day cards. I’ve encouraged my kids for years to make, rather than buy, greeting cards, because they’re more personal and fun. We didn’t do the formal survey, but discussed his hobbies, job, interests, favorite TV shows, and the kids took it from there. The results were Father’s Day cards he’ll treasure forever. And we do this for birthdays, other holidays and any reason they choose. It makes the kids very proud to present their work and see it appreciated.


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  6. I’m printing these out right now as a birthday present for my husband. Thanks so much for making these! Love it.

  7. Elmer Ulanday

    Hello Amada.
    Thanks for this very heart warming idea that can be done for dads. I’m father myself to a daughter who is far away from me. She is in Australia. And I recall how her mom would help her make a home made greeting card for my birthday. It is very endearing.
    You’re questionnaire above is simple yet it would be a very meaningful way to let kids show their love for the fathers. And so if you don’t mind I would like to adopt your format in celebration of the Father’s Day here in the Philippines but a slight twist to it the Filipino style. :)
    Thanks in advance.

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