Weekend Reads 4.12.14



Does Peaceful Parenting Mean Letting Kids Do Whatever They Want? {Aha Parenting}

“What makes a peaceful parent isn’t backing away from disagreement. Conflict is part of every human relationship, children learn by testing limits, and your child will never understand why it’s so important to take his bath RIGHT NOW!  So parents need to set limits and expectations fairly constantly.”

Why Playful Learning is the Key to Prosperity {Forbes}

“If we want a better, smarter planet, we need to change the way the next generation children are taught. Allowing more students to grow up without those prosocial, exploratory skills, leaving them unable to reach their potential, would be criminal.”

10 Ways to Teach Innovation {MindShift}

“Teach concepts, not facts. Concept-based instruction overcomes the fact-based, rote-oriented nature of standardized curriculum. If your curriculum is not organized conceptually, use you own knowledge and resources to teach ideas and deep understanding, not test items.”



Nurturing Curiosity {Childhood 101}

I absolutely love these little discovery bags!  What a great way to be prepared to capture curiosity!

DIY Plantable Felt Garden Box {A Beautiful Mess}

Oh my!  This may take a crafty hand, but would be perfect for a preschool dramatic play area or play room this spring!

Homemade Light Bright {And Next Comes L}

Turn your light table into a light bright station!  Perfect combination of the science of light and colors, plus creativity, and fine motor development!

17 Low-Prep Activities for Preschoolers (On Up!) {Toddler Approved}

I’ve shared some pretty spectacular stuff, and that all has its place, but simple, low-prep activities generally comprise the bulk of our activity time in reality!  Here’s a great list to get you started!  (I happen to have some fizzy ice sitting in my freezer right now!)

 Enjoy Your Weekend!



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  2. Loving Thomas Markham’s blog. Thank you. Officially obsessed with project based learning.

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