Weekend Reads 7.9.11 and Paying it Forward

This month’s Pay it Forward feature comes from a place that’s really special to me, Costa Rica.  There, Scott and Leslie Freeman and their family are engaged in creating a safe place for children who otherwise face overwhelming risks on their own.

“We are working in the town of Jaco – it is known for crime, drugs, poverty and under-age prostitution. We recently started a community center – a place for children and youth to come and just “be” kids in a safe, loving environment. We’re working with others in the community to help build mentoring relationships for these kids. The idea behind it is prevention – the life track for most of these kids is straight into the dangerous lifestyle in this town…. The schools are understaffed and under-resourced, and the method of learning is rote, copying off the blackboard, no books, etc. So we are trying to provide a place to be creative, play, and bring those essential components back into the children’s lives, all with the hope that we can prevent these children from heading down the dangerous slippery slope into drugs, prostitution, etc. “

Scott and Leslie are collecting donations at their site to help them continue this important work for the children of Jaco.  Even small offerings can make big differences.  If each reader could give only five dollars, the Freeman’s could pay for the center’s electric bill for years, procure supplies for countless creative activities and positive experiences, or begin the renovation projects they’ve been putting on hold.  Read more about their program and make a secure donation through PayPal at their blog, found here.  You can also follow them through Facebook here.  I’m truly amazed and inspired by the work Scott and Leslie are doing.  Please take the time to at least read about their cause.  I hope you’ll feel compelled to help in whatever way you can.

If you have a cause benefitting children and families that needs support or awareness, please contact me at partner@notjustcute.com.

Now for the Weekend Reads:


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What To Do When Toddlers Say NO{Janet Lansbury}

Prescription for Play {Alliance for Childhood via YouTube}

Tinkering Their Way to Creativity and Happiness{The Grass Stain Guru}

And check out this Webinar: Define Your ECE Program’s Culture: Starting the Year of Right featuring Dr. Lynne Kenney.


Magnetic Menu {Let’s Explore}

Playdough Number Mats{Homeschool Creations}

Tall Painting, Tall Town {Go Beyond the Classroom} (Includes a great tip for finding your paint!)

Slide Drawing {Tinker Lab}

Congratulations also to Karli Cleaver who was the winner of the Time Timer giveaway!  You’ll be contacted via email for shipping details.  Thank you everyone for commenting, and thank you to Time Timer for the giveaway! 

Enjoy your weekend!


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