DIY Gifts for Mom

Mother’s Day is around the corner here in the United States, and whether you’re looking for a project to do on a grand scale with an entire class, or something simple you can create with your own little ones around the kitchen table, there are plenty of ideas to find around the blogosphere.

Here are five of my favorites:

This Lemon Hand Scrub from Under the Table and Dreaming is a treat for Mom’s hands, but also a great measuring and mixing activity that kids can take part in!


I still have memories of making a project similar to these Tissue Paper Flowers from Rust & Sunshine  when I was in school.  It’s a fun and beautiful craft I’ve made with little ones as well.  I worried that separating the layers might be too tricky, but I was pleasantly surprised how gently their little fingers went to work. (Great fine motor practice!)


Whether you’re sending this card home from school or in the mail to Grandma’s house, this I Love You This Much Card from Day In My Life is a fun surprise for anyone on Mother’s Day.  And the accordion folding is great practice for little fingers as well!

With inexpensive washers and a metal stamp kit, you can make beautiful trinkets for a necklace, bracelet, or key chain.  Follow the simple tutorial for this Stamped Necklace from Not So Idle Hands and imprint the discs with words like “Mom”, “Love”, or a child’s name.

And who wouldn’t want to be presented with this Printable from A Proffittable Life ?  Have kiddos decorate their own frames and then slip in this fantastic print for all those best moms in the whole entire history of the world!

What’s your favorite Mother’s Day project for little hands?



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  1. thanks Amanda. Just wondering if you are doing anything on your blog to promote National Day for Child Mental Health Awareness? (Wed May 9). It seems to fit in so well with the topics you discuss. I love your site and materials- implement them all the time with my 5 girls, and at the family literacy center where I teach.

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