Weekend Reads 8.17.13

Weekend Reads

Who’s ready to go back to school?


The Song That’s Louder Than Regret {Hands Free Mama}

This is a must read!  My amazing friend Rachel wrote a poignant reminder to enjoy simple moments with our kids.  She does an amazing job of balancing ideals with reality, making it absolutely doable for all of us!

Sagacious, Sophisticated, and Sedulous: The Importance of Discussing 50-Cent Words with Preschoolers {NAEYC Young Child}

“Dickinson and Porche (2011) find that preschool teachers’ use of complex vocabulary during play contributes to children’s reading comprehension in fourth grade.”  So maybe I can take credit for my former preschooler who’s now a bibliomaniacal fifth grader!  This is a great article that backs up what I said in Speak Up! Why We Should Use Big Words With Little Kids as well as in Reading Aloud is More than Just Reading.  (And who doesn’t enjoy a little back up?)

The Pinterest Perfect Real Mom {Finding Joy}

For all those perfectionists out there, here’s another wonderful reminder of the beauty in our simple realities.  My favorite lines: “You, the mother in the trenches, are the pinterest perfect real mother.  Your day, and all you do, is beautifully amazing.  And it? It’s repinned every single day.”


Crazy Magnetic Hair Styles {Laughing Kids Learn}

I love this clever idea for giving kids a fun way to experience magnetism!  Simple to create but with a huge impact.  That’s my favorite kind of activity!  (By the way, if you can’t find the magnetic wands or don’t want to wait for them to come through a mail-order site, I’ve also found them in the notions section of the fabric store as pin holders!)

Peace Sign Activity for Kids {No Time For Flash Cards}

What a great way to teach kids to find peace and calm, particularly as they approach new, possibly anxiety-producing events like a new school year!

Alphabet Rocks Construction Site Activity {The Imagination Tree}

I love it when all it takes is a Sharpie to turn a typical play activity into a brilliant learning-through-play activity!

Moose Muffins

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Learning the ABCs with a Moose and Some Muffins {The Organized Parent}


Enjoy your weekend!



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  1. Thank you so much, Amanda! It is always an honor to be mentioned on your inspiring blog!

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