Weekend Reads 2.21.14



States Want Kids to Learn A Lot — Maybe Too Much {NPR}

An interesting look at how curriculum is constructed and what happens when there are “too many cooks in the kitchen”.

Author Amanda Ripley on “Rigor” in American Schools {Annie Murphy Paul}

Still rolling this article around in my mind.  What I really liked was this quote, questioning what “rigor” really looks like:

“In some classes, kids are rightly complaining about an absurd amount of work; many teachers confuse quantity with rigor, piling on worksheets and packets and readings without enough regard for quality.”

What Does STEM Look Like in Preschool and What is STEM Anyway? {Teach Preschool}

“There are no greater natural scientists and engineers then young children. Inquisitive learners who learn STEM concepts through play. High quality early learning environments provide children with the structure in which to build upon their natural inclination to explore, to build, and to question.”  Once again it comes down to letting the children play! (JD Chesloff shared by Rae Pica in ”What, Teaching STEM in Preschool, Really?“)

Hands Free Kids: Less Device, More Real Life {Hands Free Mama}

“As my mind filled with grim thoughts of unwanted visitors, wild animals, and accidentally ingested bugs, I thought about trying to convince them that our backyard could be just as fun.  But I didn’t.  I could see what really mattered.  My children were doing precisely what I’ve been wanting them to do—put down the electronics, breathe fresh air, build, create, get dirt under their nails and on the seats of their pants.”


50 Ways to Teach Your Child to Read {No Time for Flash Cards}

With all the discussion of “Joyful Literacy” from Section 1 of the Read Along, I loved stumbling on this list from Allison of No Time for Flashcards.  50 literacy building activities your child will love!

Electric Play Dough and Circuits {Classic Play via PBS Kids}

I am just dying to do this with my boys.  I love the hands on learning that goes on here.  And the video is a great way to really see how it all works!

Cardboard Sensory Boxes for Toddlers and Babies {Meri Cherry}

These ideas are so clever!  I especially love the ribbon box!  (As always, use proper supervision.)

DIY Painted Magnet Sticks for Creativity on the Fridge {The Artful Parent}

Hands on, simple,creative fun over and over again!

Read Along:

Did you catch it?  I did my very first On-Air Google+ Hangout!  Whew!  You can watch Heather Shumaker, Anna Ranson (of The Imagination Tree) and myself as we discuss Section 1 of Heather’s book, It’s OK Not to Share and Other Renegade Rules for Raising Competent and Compassionate Kids (*affiliate).  Catch it on G+ here or on YouTube here.  Or just watch the embedded video below!  (Late to the party?  No Worries!  Join the Read Along by getting the schedule here.  Add your thoughts and questions to the Section 2 overview and we’ll use your comments as we discuss that section in the next Hangout!)

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  1. Lovely resources! Thanks for sharing these!

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