A Behavior Problem-Solving Approach: Positive Guidance for Preschoolers


Preschool children often confound us with their behavior.  They’re playing and laughing one minute, and crying “for no reason” the next.  We ask them not to poke their baby brother’s eyes, and they look right at us, with angelic faces, and do it anyway.  What is going on?  It can be a baffling, maddening process to try to answer that question!  I’m going to be adding a series of posts, linked from here as well, in an effort to give you a few more tools for observing, understanding, and approaching child behaviors using the positive guidance philosophy and techniques.  Here’s what you have to look forward to:

What is Positive Guidance?

What’s Going On?  Considering the Sources of Behavior

Preventative Actions and Positive Reactions

Positive Guidance: A Well-Stocked Toolbox

Problem-Solving Your Playtime

Positive Guidance Resources

Now, anytime I talk about child behavior, I have to give the disclaimer that I am not a perfect parent or a perfect teacher.  I don’t have a Mary Poppins-like ability to magically turn children into instantly compliant angels.  I hope you don’t find what I have to share less valid because my children do, in fact, seem to “cry for no reason” from time to time or occasionally “poke their baby brother’s eyes”.  But I have learned a lot about child behavior, how we can understand it and how we can approach it, that helps me in my home and in the classroom and I’d like to share that with you!  Please stay tuned for more posts!

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  1. Ana

    I’m looking forward to this series! From your newest fan, Farol N.’s niece :)

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  7. All of these airtlecs have saved me a lot of headaches.

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