Camp Mom! Simple Hands On Fun for Summer

It’s here! 

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The Camp Mom Summer Activities Pack is now available!

I’ve been working with an amazing group of bloggers to bring a fantastic summer resource to you!  86 Pages of brilliant, beautiful resources to help make your summer a wonderfully memorable one.  This fully printable pack contains:

Resources to help you plan and keep you organized:

  • Summer Bucket List – Be proactive and include your kids — How do YOU want to make this summer memorable?
  • Summer Routine Sheet – Keep everyone on an even keel by sketching out the basic rhythm.
  • Theme Adventure and Activity Planner – You can tailor your activities plan to fit your family’s interests — and you’ll have all the supplies at the ready!
  • Summer Survival Sheet – Break it down to the basics, to make this summer a success!

3 Comprehensive Activity Themes

Each theme comes with a variety of hands-on activities, each beautifully photographed and broken down to simple, grab-and-go instructions.  Along with the activities, you’ll also find activities to get you out and about as well as a reading list from some of the best resources for quality children’s lit.

Themes include:

  • Water: Splash and Play
  • Art: The Earth Without art is just “Eh”
  • Nature: Explorers in Your Own Back Yard

PLUS – Sensory Play Any Day theme with a printable list of ideas and resources for implementing a variety of sensory activities you can take indoors or out.  Whether just for fun, for learning, or for soothing the summer grumpies, sensory play is always a sure-fire winner!

In total the pack contains 45 detailed play activities geared for children ages 2-7, as well as TONS of links, extensions, and additional resources.

There’s also a bonus section to give you the information you need to get your summer started on the right foot.  Topics include:

  • How to Plan for a Mindful Summer
  • How to Keep the Peace Between Siblings
  • How to Put Together a Basic Summer Art Kit (Plus 20 more art ideas using just those basics)
  • How to Get the Most Out of Museum Field Trips
  • How to Discuss Art with Kids
  • Kitchen Sensory Fun
  • And more!

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Want a taste?  Here’s a sneak peek at a page I contributed (though Jamie from Hands On As We Grow made it much prettier!):


All of the activities are cleanly and beautifully organized like this with simple, grab-and-go instructions.

I hope you can take advantage of this fantastic resource from the talented bloggers from 20 Moms, and that this summer will be one of the best for you and your family!

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Just $11.99! 

Now $9.99

I am so excited about Camp Mom, this is exactly what I need to help me create the kind of summer experience I want for my kids! I tend to have great expectations for the summer but pulling it all together while managing a house and family can make it difficult to execute. We are also on a tight budget so I am looking forward to giving my kids great summer activities that we can do at home. With four kids even reasonably priced extracurricular classes are not an option this year, thank you for writing this superb ebook! ~ Lorien V. Mom to 4




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13 Responses to Camp Mom! Simple Hands On Fun for Summer

  1. What a great idea – I look forward to checking this out! And I absolutely *love* the idea of a “Summer Bucket List.” We all have so many great plans for the season, but then we blink and it’s over – this helps us focus on what we’d most like to get done during those short, precious months.

  2. I just bought this via paypal. feeling a bit silly but.. no sign of it lol

    • notjustcute

      Thanks so much for picking up the pack. When you purchase through paypal, the distribution system automatically sends the download information to the email address associated with your paypal account. This proves tricky for some people who have linked a different email address to their paypal account than the one they typically use. If you can check your email accounts (possibly check junk folders as well) I will check with the distributors to have them check their records. Rest assured that if there’s a problem with the link it can/will be resent. Thanks so much!

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  4. Some of my kids best memories are when we did our own summer camp for 2 summers years ago…too bad I didn’t have this then….but then again there was no internet then

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  6. My son is three… how many of these activities are suited for very young kids?

    • notjustcute

      Hi Sarah! I’d say three is a great age for the activities in this pack. I’d say it fits wonderfully for most two or three year olds up to about seven to nine year olds. The activities are very open-ended so they fit well for a wide range of ages. I hope you enjoy it! ~ Amanda

  7. Kirstie

    Hi Amanda, I have only just seen this via a post from Janet Lansbury on facebook. (why oh why don’t I see your posts on facebook?? Hhhmmm… Another question for another day!)
    My question for now is, do you have a similar “Camp Mom: WINTER Activities pack” for those of us in the Southern hemisphere?? I LOVE the sound of this pack, and would love to read your new e-book, but I think I will cry if I have to read about all wonderful things you lucky folks will be able to do in your beautiful warm weather! What are the chances?

    • Hi Kirstie! So glad to see you here! We don’t have a winter activity book as of yet. This is our first production as a group. We discussed those of you in the winter seasons right now, but realized we had to focus on one project at a time. We hope to create future productions and hopefully then we could offer both seasons simultaneously. In the meantime, I would recommend Jean Van’tHul’s ebook, The Artful Winter, which you can find here: Also, I would recommend the site, Childhood 101 by a brilliant Aussie blogger, Christie Burnett here: All that said, I hope you continue to read here as well! You can follow me using the icons at the top right of the page. Thanks!

      • Kirstie

        Thanks so much for those links, Amanda. I will definitely check them out! Perhaps I could purchase and just not look at it until Summer… I shall think about that one :>
        By the way, I do follow you on facebook, I think it was just one of those facebook glitches where you don’t always see posts from pages that you have liked.
        Enjoy your warmer months!! :>

  8. Kirstie

    I decided to go ahead – I couldn’t resist! What’s wrong with pounding leaves inside anyway? (I have my “yes” hat firmly on my head today) ;>

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