15 Fun Activities for 3 Year Olds!

Huge thanks to Rachel from Kids Activities Blog. She compiled these Activities for 3 Year olds as part of a guest post today.

We have 3, yes 3 three year olds in our home. We are a mixed family and our “triplets” keep us on our toes. I’ve found that I need to keep my kiddos engaged and busy or there is complete chaos!

Here are 15 simple, easy to do activities that we have used to keep our kids happy and exploring. Be sure to leave a comment of your kids’ favorite ways to play in the comments!



This fingerpaint recipe is super easy your kids will love helping you mix it up and create colorful art.

Your kids can practice fine motor skills as they sort colorful pom-poms with clothespins. It is harder than it looks!

Your kids will have a blast driving their cars on a masking tape road. Use the tape to create 3D roadways around your living room.

Build – these sponge blocks are soft, won’t hurt your kids if thrown and are quiet! They are the perfect toy for kids who are growing out of naps.

Sensory bags are a fun way for young preschoolers to explore the world. They love the squishing textures.

Pretend, dyeable snow. Our kids have done this activity after reading about it on Tinkerlab. It was a lot of fun!

Help your three year olds work on their hand and eye coordination by creating strips for them to practice cutting with scissors.

Puzzles are difficult for most three year olds, help them understand the concept by creating a “box” for them to fill with blocks.


Use toilet-paper tubes to create shapes, then stamp with those shapes. Your kids can have fun learning their shapes with colors.

This peanut butter playdough recipe is fully edible! And easy enough that your kids can make it almost completely on their own.

Play with rocks. Pick some dark smooth rocks, add googly eyes and you have a new canvas to decorate faces and scenes.

Transform cardboard boxes to become colorful doll houses. Add some leftover Christmas lights for a warm pretend world.

Help your kiddos learn the alphabet with this craft and activity. Thread beads onto pipecleaners. Then form letters with them and your kids.

Drive your cars across the floor with an air-powered balloon.

A Felt Game is easy to create – cover a CD case with felt and cut some shapes for an on-the-go activity for kids.

What’s your favorite way to play and learn with 3 year olds?



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  1. These are so cute, I have great grandkids that would love these, hope I can be with them to do some of them.

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